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Welcome to the Pujols Kitchen, where family, friends and flavors come to mingle, and every delicious thing we do helps those less fortunate create nutritious traditions of their own.

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How to on Hen Trussing.................

Posted by Deidre Pujols on Oct 22 2014

It’s that time of year! Chef Adi is trussing up a big hen. You can follow her steps and techniques on how to prepare any kind of bird. Just make sure you cut your string long enough. 

1. Start with the hen face up, legs facing you. Find the center of your string and drape it over both ankles. 

2. Cross the loose ends under the ankles and bring them up between the ankles. Pull both ends tight to pull the ankles together. 

3. Run the loose ends along both thighs and flip the bird over.  

4. With the hen laying on its breast cross the strings at the back and bring them up the sides of the wings. 

5. Flip the hen and tie the string at the breast holding the wings against the body. Tuck the wing tips behind the neck.  

Once everything is tied and in its place, marinade the hen in a bowl. With Cornish hens you can put them all together. I have used anywhere from mixed berry yogurt marinades to olive oil based. The marinade used for this specific time is olive oil, adobo seasoning, fresh garlic, shallots and chopped cilantro. It is best to marinade the hen a day before cooking.