Carne Guisado (Dominican Beef Stew)

Carne Guisado (Dominican Beef Stew) is an easy-to-prepare dish that really hits the spot. It's comfort food done Dominican-style, and perfect for a quick 'stick to the ribs' type of meal...



In a Pujols Kitchen Medium or Large Caldero, heat the oil and sugar until sugar is brown.


Add the sazon, chicken bullion cube, and tomato paste, and stir until paste dissolves.


Add the stew meat and stir until brown on all sides.


Add enough water to cover the meat at least two inches high.


Taste and salt to liking as the water reduces.


Cover and cook the meat for one to one and a half hours on medium heat until it is fork tender.


If you are using a preasure cooker, cook the meat for 25-30 minutes. Once the pot cools and the lid is removed, continue to cook the meat over a low fire until the meat is tender to your liking.


Best served with white rice on the side.




2 tablespoons of olive oil


1 teaspoon of sugar


1 large chicken bullion cube


3 heaping spoons of sazon (homemade sauce)


1 tablespoon of tomato paste


3 pounds of beef, stew cut


Water to cover meat

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