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Dominican cuisine is similar to cooking in other Latin American countries with differences in the names of dishes. One breakfast dish of eggs and mashed, boiled plantains (mangú) is not only served in the Dominican Republic, but in Cuba and Puerto Rico as well. For heartier breakfasts, mangú is served with deep-fried meat (frequently Dominican salami) and cheese.


Like Spain, lunch is also the largest and most important meal of the day in the Dominican. Lunch consists of a side portion of salad as well as rice and meat (beef, chicken, pork, or fish). One of the most popular dishes for lunch is “La Bandera” (“The Flag”) which consists of meat and red beans on white rice. Another favorite is Sancocho, a stew that’s often prepared with seven different meats.


Many Dominican dishes are seasoned with sofrito, a mix of local herbs used as a wet rub on meats, and sautéed to elicit all of the dishes' flavors. Throughout the Dominican’s south-central coast, bulgur, or whole wheat, is a main ingredient used in cooking. Here, the locals enjoy quipes and tilipi (bulgur salad) regularly. Other favorite Dominican dishes include batata, casaba, chicharrón, chimichurris, pastelitos (empanadas), tostones, yam, and yucca.


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