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Why does any gathering worth its salt always wind up in the kitchen? Easy.

It’s the only room in the house where friends and family are encouraged to mingle as much as the flavors.

Such good times, great food and togetherness are what makes cooking such a key part of so many traditions…in America, the Dominican and around the world.

And when you use Pujols Kitchen cookware, you not only make your own traditions more delicious and memorable, you also make it possible for those less fortunate to create traditions of their own.

Pujols Kitchen cookware delivers the perfect balance of gourmet performance and practicality, freeing your inner chef to achieve maximum culinary creativity.

Each piece in every set has been ergonomically engineered to be more comfortable than any cookware you’ve used before. Regardless of your skill level, your cooking won’t just taste better…it will feel better.

But improving your cooking experience is just the beginning. Profits from cookware sales are donated to families in poverty around the globe, providing them with cookware and non-perishable food. Families are enabled to feel better about their future while enabling you to feel better knowing you’ve made a world of difference.

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Deidre Pujols hits a HOME RUN in the kitchen...

~ Highbeam Business

I am in my kitchen with one of my favorite people in the whole entire world, Dee Dee Pujols...I kinda think Dee Dee hung the moon.

~ Paula Deen; Paula's Best Dishes

Deidre Pujols...has made a name for herself by authoring a cookbook
celebrating Dominican food and launching the web site pujolskitchen.com

~ Pillsbury.com

Meet Deidre.It's a family thing.


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