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Cooking with the Right Onion

Pujols Kitchen - Friday, September 09, 2016

Knowing the right onion to use for certain dishes is an essential part of making recipes taste their best. Here are some tips for cooking with the right onion.

What onion is best for frying?

Sweet onions. Use sweet onions for onion rings, gratins and roasted vegetables

What onion is best for eating raw?

Red onions. Use red onions in guacamole, pickled onions, salads, and sandwiches

What onion offers the crunchiest and sharpest zing?

White onions. Use white onions in salsas, chutneys and stir frys

What’s the best all-around cooking onion?

Yellow onions. Best for meat roasts, braised meat dishes, sauces, soups, and stews

What’s a milder and subtler onion?

Shallots. Best in vinaigrettes, egg casseroles, and garnishes

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