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Dominican Cooking Herbs

Pujols Kitchen - Friday, August 12, 2016

There are several herbs that give Dominican food its distinctive flavors. Here are just a few.


Use cilantro in rice and beans dishes, legumes, soups, fish and seafood dishes.


Same as here in the United States, parsley is frequently used as a garnish in Dominican dishes.


In the northwestern provinces Thyme is used in stews, beans and legumes and may also be found in bean dishes and in sancocho.


Oregano is used in beef dishes and in sofrito. Oregano gives goat meat an extra tasty flavor especially if the goats have grazed on wild oregano bushes.

Apio (Celery Leaves)

Celery leaves are often used to flavor soups and stews.


You’ll see mint used in herbal teas just like her in the United States.

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