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Drawing Day, It's Therapy

Pujols Kitchen - Monday, May 16, 2016

Drawing is a great way to relax, help you appreciate and focus on the good, and face some unpleasant aspects of life with the goal of overcoming them. Here are nine art therapy exercises that can help.

1.       Make a scribble drawing, turning a simple scribble into something beautiful, using line, color and your creativity.

2.       Draw with your eyes closed. When you can’t see what you are drawing fluidity, intuition, touch and sensitivity intensify.

3.       Draw something BIG. When your body gets involved and moving around it can help release emotion as you're drawing.

4.       Create a freedom drawing. The Surrealists freed themselves from artistic conventions and everyday thinking by embracing automatic drawing as way to incorporate randomness and the subconscious into their art.

5.       Draw yourself as a warrior while thinking about yourself as a strong, capable person.

6.       Draw a mirror. This activity is based on Piet Mondrian’s quote: "The purer the artist's mirror is, the more true reality reflects in it." This exercise involves getting back to a truer reflection of yourself in the mirror while letting what is your not true reflection die.

7.       Draw yourself as a superhero. The themes in the superhero stories resonate with us. With the dilemmas and problems superheroes face, we aspire to their heroic acts and noble impulses.

8.       Draw a place where you feel safe. This is a good exercise for finding your safe place for healing from trauma.

9.       Draw what scares you. We’re all frightened of something and in this project you'll get a chance to bring that fear to light and work towards facing it.

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