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Giving the Gift of Time on Thanksgiving

Pujols Kitchen - Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks, a day to spend with family and cherished friends. With full stomachs after the big meal, it’s easy to find a spot on the couch and mindlessly watch football the rest of the day. But consider that the best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you. One of the best gifts we can give to our family and friends is the gift of time. Here are 20 questions to make the time you spend together on Thanksgiving quality time.

1. Name one thing about someone in the room that you really appreciate.

2. What made you feel patriotic this year?

3. What do you value most about your life?

4. What do you appreciate about your friendship with the people in the room?

5. Name one person here who can make you laugh, even months later. Why?

6. What is the funniest thing you remember about a Thanksgiving past?

7. What unusual traditions, rituals or habits do you have around Thanksgiving?

8. Name one ancestor that you think about on Thanksgiving and tell us why.

9. Is there a family heirloom at the Thanksgiving table? What its story?

10. What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving Day?

11. What random act of kindness did you preform or that was done to you this year that makes you feel grateful?

12. What do you appreciate about the change of seasons?

13. Name five things that make you happy about today.

14. What does it mean to you to give thanks?

15. How has the celebration of Thanksgiving today changed from when you were little?

16. What is one compliment that you have never paid to someone in the room?

17. What is one thing that you would like to accomplish in the next year?

18. If you could share Thanksgiving dinner today with one person in history who would it be? Why? (Note: it can be a relative)

19. What is one wish you have for the next generation as they begin to establish their own Thanksgiving traditions?

20. What are you really thankful for this year? (Now that we made you think through 19 other questions, we stuck this back in.)

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