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How to Save at the Pump

Pujols Kitchen - Saturday, September 19, 2015

We may not have any control over gas prices but there are some steps we can take to make the most bang for our buck. Here are some tips for how to save at the pump:

1.       Fill up on weekdays – The best time to buy gas is on a Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning because prices usually rise on the weekend.

2.       Discount Gas Cards – Rebate programs at Shell, Gulf, BP-Amoco and Exxon-Mobile offer as much as 5-10% off the gas you buy.

3.       Don’t Run on Empty If You Can Help It – Your car runs less efficiently when it’s on empty. When you have half a tank or a little less, fill your gas tank as soon as you can.

4.       Less is more – For every 100 pounds you carry in your car, your fuel economy decreases by 1-2%. Heavy items on your roof rack creates drag and eats up your gas. Opt for the trunk instead.

5.       Keep Your Eyes Open for the places near your house and work that offer the cheapest gas and shop there first.

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