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How to Simplify the Holidays - Tip 3

- Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Simplify the holidays? Is it even possible? The short answer is yes. Here is Tip #3 to help you relax this holiday season.

3.    Sometimes less shopping means more. Getting elbowed in the mad rush at the stores can drain the joy right out of the holiday season.Studies show that people who are focused more on gifts feel less holiday cheer than those who spend more time with close friends and family. And despite your best efforts to get a loved one the perfect gift, a survey done by Consumer Reports showed that each year up to 49 million people get gifts they don’t want. Some turn around and sell these gifts on eBay while others post “bad gift” photos on Facebook and other social media. Find out what your loved one truly enjoys. Even if directly asking them what they want and giving the gift isn’t a surprise, at least you’ll know your loved one likes it.

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