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How to Use the Least Amount of Dishes

Pujols Kitchen - Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hate doing dishes? Here are some tips for how to avoid using so many when you cook:

1. Cook in the same dish you plan to serve from. Dutch ovens are ideal because they go directly from the oven to the table in style as long as you use a trivet.

2. Limit your cutting to one good, sharp knife and use it for everything.

3. If you’re using prep bowls, put ingredients that you’ll add together anyway into one bowl. If you’re roasting vegetables, use one tray for everything.

4. Wash dishes as you cook. When your meat is browning wash a dish. When the rest of the food is roasting in the oven finish the rest of the dishes.

5. Rinse spoons, cups and mixing bowls as you go.

6. Consider buying a scale. When you measure by weight you can pour everything directly into your mixing bowl rather than having to use and wash other measuring tools.

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