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Must-Have Melba Toast Recipe

Pujols Kitchen - Wednesday, March 23, 2016

                Sure you could pick up a box of Melba toast at the store but the packaged variety doesn’t have the taste and texture homemade Melba toast has. Melba toast is best when served warm and in a basket or napkin-lined plate. If you’re having guests for dinner, store your Melba toast in an airtight container and then refresh it in the oven for a short time just before you serve tea or dinner. Here are the steps to making your own homemade Melba toast.            


·         8 slices bread (wheat, white, rye, or your favorite variety)


1.       Preheat broiler to high and toast the bread lightly on both sides.

2.       Cut off bread crusts and then cut each piece into 4 triangles. Return toast to the broiler with untoasted sides uppermost, and toast until golden and the edges curl.

3.       Serve warm with soup.

4.       You can also make Melba toast earlier in the day, and warm for a short time in the oven at 170ºC/ 325ºF/ Gas Mark 3 before serving.

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