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Pool Safety this Summer

Pujols Kitchen - Saturday, May 21, 2016

                Today is Learn to Swim Day and the perfect opportunity to go over pool safety with the kids before the swim season starts. Even if you and your kids already know how to swim, the following rules will ensure everyone’s safety.

·         Children should always have an adult watching when they are in the pool. Be sure kids know to never go in a pool if there is no adult around and to call an adult if there is an emergency.

·         Gates are around pools to keep people safe. Make sure kids know to never go through any pool gates when they are closed. Stay safe and stay out!

·         The buddy system applies to swimming in the pool too. Swim with a buddy.

·         Wet concrete and walkways around pools are slick and extremely dangerous. Be sure your kids know to walk slowly in the pool area and not run.

·         Swim at a safe depth. For beginning swimmers it’s best to stay in the shallow end.

·         No pushing or jumping on others. You or someone else could get hurt.

·         Inner tubes, air mattresses, or beach balls are fun and can help you while you learn to swim, but they can't save a life.

·         There’s a reason why there’s no eating or drinking in the pool — you could choke.

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