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Pujols Kitchen - Monday, April 25, 2016

                If you can’t squeeze a workout into your schedule, then stretching is the next best thing to helping with flexibility. Here are three stretches that can help.

Runner’s Stretch

Step forward with your right foot and lower into a lunge with your fingertips on the floor (or on two firm cushions if your hands don’t reach).

Breathe in and, in one motion exhale as you straighten your right leg. Slowly return to the lunge position. Do this four times and then switch sides.

Standing Side Stretch

Standing with your feet together, raise your arms straight over your head, hands clasped together, fingers interlaced and inhale as your reach upward.

As you bend your upper body to the right, breathe out. Then take five slow breaths and return to the center. Repeat on the other side.

Bound Angle

Sit on the floor with your legs straight, then bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together. Let your knees drop toward the ground. Holding your shins, inhale and stretch your chest upward.

Place your hands in front of you and hinge forward from your hips (don’t round your back), exhaling as you narrow the distance between your face and the floor, then hold for five slow breaths.

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