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Be Prepared on Corn Chip Day

- Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy Corn Chip Day! A day to celebrate this popular snack. Though the origin of National Corn Chip Day is not certain, corn chips date back to 1932 when a man named C.E. “Elmer” Doolin bought a bag of fried corn chips and fell in love with them. So much so that it’s said he pawned his mother’s wedding ring to buy the manufacturer and the recipe. Doolin sold them from his car at first and his company has grown into the largest manufacturer of corn chips in the USA.

Corn chips aren’t the same without salsa (Criollo Sauce). Here’s a tasty salsa recipe you can make with your Pujols cookware to insure you’re prepared for Corn Chip Day.

Winter Weather Advisory Checklist

- Friday, January 22, 2016

     Most of us know a well-stocked pantry and fridge is in order when it comes to winter weather advisories, but emergency supplies for communication, safety, heating and cars are every bit as important. Here is a checklist to keep you and your family prepared for winter weather.


·         Bad winter storms often bring power outages. Be sure you have a cell phone, portable charger and extra batteries in the event of a power outage. A battery-powered radio with extra batteries will allow you to listen to local stations for emergency instructions. A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radio receiver is ideal so you can tune into National Weather Service broadcasts.

·         Have a family communication plan so you know how to contact each other, how you’ll get back together and what you’ll do during an emergency.

·         Check in on your elderly neighbors and give assistance when necessary.

For Heating

·         Have extra blankets, sleeping bags, and warm winter coats on hand.

·         Have dry firewood ready or a gas log fireplace.

·         Have portable space heaters or kerosene heaters (check your local fire department to make sure kerosene heaters are legal) at the ready.

·         Make sure your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors have fresh batteries and are in working order.

·         Have battery-powered flashlights or lanterns ready.

·         If possible, opt for battery powered candles rather than lit candles to prevent house fire.


Depending on the severity of the storm, it’s best to have a week’s worth of food. Make sure you have the following:

·         Drinking water

·         Canned/no-cook food (bread, crackers, dried fruits)

·         Non-electric can opener

·         Baby food and formula (if baby in the household)

·         Prescription drugs and other medicine

Safety Supplies

Your family’s safety is important. Snow and ice on sidewalks and driveways are safety hazards. Be sure to have the following on hand.

·         First-aid kit

·         Rock-salt to melt ice on walkways

·         Supply of cat litter or bag of sand to add traction on walkways

In Your Car

If you have no choice and must go out in the weather, be sure to have your car ready with the following items.

·         Cell phone, portable charger, and extra batteries

·         Shovel

·         Windshield scraper

·         Battery-powered radio and extra batteries

·         Flashlight and extra batteries

·         Water

·         Snack food

·         Extra hats, coats, and mittens

·         Blankets

·         Chains or rope

·         Tire chains

·         Canned compressed air with sealant for emergency tire repair

·         Road salt and sand

·         Booster cables

·         Emergency flares

·         Bright colored flag or help signs

·         First aid kit

·         Tool kit

·         Road maps

·         Compass

·         Waterproof matches and can to melt snow for water

·         Paper towels

Happy Hat Day! 6 Tricks to Storing Hats

- Friday, January 15, 2016

     It’s Hat Day, and aside from wearing your favorite, it’s the ideal day to solve the problem of storing your hat collection in your home. Here are six hat storing solutions.

·         For your husband’s baseball hats, consider using a wooden pants hanger, or curtain rod, and shower curtain rings.

·         You could also store them on the back of a closet door, looping old belts through the back of each hat.

·         For women’s larger brimmed hats, consider decorative hat boxes available at your local craft store.

·         But if space is an issue, consider hanging them from artistically arranged hooks or nails on a bedroom or entry way wall that showcases your hat collection.

·         If you have a deep dresser drawer, this is a great way to store hats and keep them free of dust.

·         Coat racks are another option.

Happy Clean Off Your Desk Day

- Monday, January 11, 2016

     It’s Clean Off Your Desk Day and if you’re at the beginning of a project, a new study published in Psychological Science shows it's most beneficial to have a messy desk at the start and a clean one at the end.

Messy environments promote creative thinking and unconventional new ideas, while a clean desk helps your mind focus on order and expectations. The move away from a messy desk (chaos) will help you finish your project.

Happy Bubble Bath Day

- Friday, January 08, 2016

Happy Bubble Bath Day! There’s no better way to unwind than a hot, soapy bubble bath. With the busy holiday season behind us, Bubble Bath Day is the perfect day to relax, light some candles, play some soothing music and lose yourself in a favorite book for an hour or so.

Making your own bubble bath solution is easy with these simple ingredients from your home:

Mix 1/2 cup of shampoo with 1/2 cup of liquid soap; add 1/2 cup of milk and 2 tablespoons of honey.

Commitment Day 2016 - The Secret to Sticking With It

- Friday, January 01, 2016


First celebrated in 1960 as an extension of New Year’s Resolutions, Commitment Day is a day when you can show that special someone in your life how much they mean to you by committing in some way to them. For some, this takes on the form of an activity you’ve been meaning to start (or stop!) for a long while—Commitment Day is your chance to say, “Right, that’s it, we’re going for it, and we’re going to stick with it!”

So whether you decide to commit to spending more time with your family, or exercising and eating healthier with your spouse, today is the perfect day to make a commitment and a plan. If you plan to exercise and eat healthier, you’re more likely to fulfill your commitment by making small changes rather than drastic ones. If you love chocolate cake, you don’t have to give it up entirely. Indulging in a small slice of cake once a month is perfectly acceptable, as long as you reward your body with healthy foods and exercise the rest of the month. Consult a nutritionist and your doctor for a healthy exercise and diet plan that’s right for you. If you find you’re too busy to exercise one day, make sure to go back to your exercise routine the next day. Giving yourself snippets of time such as 20 minutes a day of exercise is still better than no exercise at all.

The key to fulfilling a commitment you make on Commitment Day is to have a plan.

What commitments do you plan to make in 2016?

Save Money on Entertainment in 2016

- Wednesday, December 30, 2015

We love going to the movies. It’s the price tag we don’t like. With the average movie ticket price in 2015 at $8.61, popcorn and soda at $15, trips to the theater can put a dent in your budget. If restricting your spending on entertainment in 2016 is one of your New Year’s resolutions, consider going to the movies during the day and smuggling in a bag of mixed nuts (healthy and affordable) rather than overpriced candy and cartons of popcorn.

Tips For a Holiday Cookie Swap

- Friday, December 04, 2015

Holiday baking can be simple and fun when you host a cookie swap. Invite co-workers and friends and have each person make enough of one kind of cookie to share. At your cookie swap sample cookies, then trade and package in eye-catching assortments so everyone leaves with new recipes and tasty gifts.

For a successful swap, use the following steps

  1. Send out invitations to 7 or 8 guests 3-4 weeks in advance. Invite guests three to four weeks in advance. Seven or eight people are ideal -- manageable, yet enough for a good variety of cookies.
  2. Ask each guest to bring a dozen cookies per guest, plus an extra dozen for the sampling. Have each person bring along copies of her recipe as well as some supplies for pretty packaging, such as cake/donut boxes and tissue paper.
  3. Create display cards to identify each cookie variety and the name of the contributor, i.e., “Hermits, from Laura Smith.”
  4. Set up a packaging station with cardboard boxes, sturdy paper plates, tags or sticky labels, ribbons, twine, baking papers, scissors, hole punches, tissue paper, cellophane, and other trimmings you prefer.

Fresh Cranberry Relish

- Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cranberry sauce is a Thanksgiving favorite for many families, except for the added sugar you find in most canned varieties. This year consider making a healthy alternative with this easy fresh cranberry relish recipe.


·         1 medium unpeeled orange—scrubbed, halved, seeded and cut into 2-inch chunks

·         1 medium Granny Smith apple—peeled, cored and cut into 2-inch chunks

·         1/4 medium unpeeled lemon—scrubbed, seeded and cut into 2-inch chunks

·         2 cups fresh or frozen cranberries (1/2 pound)

·         1/2 cup sugar

·         1/2 cup coarsely chopped walnuts (about 2 ounces)


1.    In a food processor, combine the orange, apple and lemon

2.    Pulse until finely chopped

3.    Next, add the cranberries and pulse until berries are coarsely chopped.

4.    Transfer chopped ingredients to a bowl and stir in the sugar and walnuts.

Keep relish refrigerated up to 1 week.

Thanksgiving Timeline for Success

- Friday, November 06, 2015

We’re less than three weeks away from the big day and if you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, it’s time to start your preparations. Here are some tips for success.

Three Weeks Ahead:

·         Determine who is bringing what on your menu and if there are any special dietary food needs

·         Make your shopping list for perishables and non-perishables and paper products you may need

·         If you’ve decided to order a fresh turkey, do it now

·         Make a Thanksgiving to-do list and delegate tasks to family members so all the work doesn’t fall on one person (yep, we meant you!)

·         Choose the china, glassware and table linens you’ll use

·         Clean and iron the tablecloths and napkins you plan to use

·         Order a floral centerpiece or create one of your own


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