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Take a Deep Breath

Pujols Kitchen - Monday, April 18, 2016

                Shallow breathing adversely affects health and often incapacitates people in life. It’s easy to ignore our own breathing, especially when we are in good health and feeling fine. In truth, deep breathing is important and has many health benefits. When we take a deep breath:

·         Our respiratory system works better. In fact, asthma, bronchitis and even chest pain can subside.

·         The digestive system does it job. Shallow breathing can cause constipation. When we breathe into our lower abdomen, our digestive system gets the oxygen it needs and works better.

·         The lymph system is better at circulating lymphatic fluid which speeds recovery time after illnesses.

·         The circulation system moves, increasing oxygen to the heart, circulating blood, relieving congestion throughout the body and aiding oxygen flow to the brain and eyes.

·         The immune system has more energy. Tissues regenerate and heal. The body has more energy to heal and detoxify.

·         The nervous system is calmer. Anxiety is reversed. Both sides of the brain are more balanced.

·         You move more easily. Muscle tension is reduced. Flexibility and joint strength increases.

·         Your cleansing systems work better with excess fluids eliminated through the breath and less stress on the organs, allowing the body to naturally cleanse.

·         You’re more mentally present. Concentration and observation improves. You have greater productivity, learning and decision making.

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