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Ten Ways to Give Back

Pujols Kitchen - Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Not all of us are made of money and while we’d love to give to those less fortunate, we don’t necessarily know how. The good news is giving to those less fortunate is easier than you might think and doesn’t have to break your budget either. Here are ten ways to give back and let God’s light shine through you.

1. Give of yourself. 
When you visit a friend or loved one, send them a card, call, email or text, you make them feel special and loved. Hand-made gifts are personal and show them you took time out for them. Showing appreciation, giving praise and gratitude creates heart-to-heart connections.

2. Share Your Talents.
Many of us downplay our talents when the reality is we know things others would love to know. Giving someone an hour of computer coaching or a cooking lesson could change their life. Do you have mad skills when it comes to painting, plumbing or landscaping? Are you an expert organizer? You never know who could benefit from your skills.

3. Clear the Room. 
 Tired of all the clutter in your closets or basement? Maybe it’s time to give what you no longer need or use to charity. What some consider junk others consider treasure.

4. Laughter.
One of the best ways to bring health and happiness to others is with laughter. Laugh loud and often with others and you provide them with physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits.

5. Give blood. 
 Not only are there health benefits to donating blood, like better blood flow and more balanced iron levels, but the blood you give might just save someone else’s life.

6. Touch is a powerful thing. 
 When you appropriately give affection in the form of a hug, a pat on the back, a kiss on the cheek, even a simple touch on the arm, you help to heal someone’s emotional wounds. The same is true of encouragement. Filled with doubts and fears, many of us have lacked courage from time to time. Make the world a better place by inspiring others to act on their dreams.

7. One of the easiest and most abundant gifts we can give away is kindness. 
Whether your kindness takes the form of buying Girl Scout cookies, opening the door for the person behind you, returning your grocery cart or making a meal for your neighbor, there are all sorts of ways to give away kindness. 

8. Lift someone’s spirit. 
 Bad news is everywhere. Why not share good news stories instead. Pass these on to friends with a personal note to let them know you’re thinking of them. You’ll make their day.

9. Forgiveness. 
 Memories of unlovable times can haunt us. Life’s too short to dwell on what they did or what you did and the meaning you’ve given it. When you forgive you offer healing to coworkers, family, friends and neighbors, even yourself.

10. Love. 
 Unconditional love is the purest and hardest love to come by. Make the world a more loving place by loving those who deserve it the least.
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