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The Benefits of Picking Up Litter

- Thursday, July 07, 2016

                None of us likes the sight of litter spoiling the look of where we live but that’s not the only reason for picking up litter. There are also other benefits like physical exercise and breathing in fresh air while achieving something of value at the same time. Picking up litter also sends a message to fellow residents that they shouldn’t litter and that pride in one’s neighborhood is important. It’s also a great way for young people to learn the importance of throwing trash away in trash bins where it belongs rather than along roadways and sidewalks. Unfortunately, litter often leads to more litter. When litter is present it gives people permission to litter even further. Additionally, areas where more litter is present have been shown to attract crime, with criminals thinking they will have an easier time in these areas. When you pick up litter you’re not only getting exercise and cleaning up your neighborhood, you’re also making your area safer.

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