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The Perfect Spatula...

- Monday, December 26, 2016

Pujols Kitchen spatulas are indispensable in the kitchen. They’re easy to throw in the dishwasher, simple to wash by hand, gentle on the bottom of pans, and won’t absorb oils, fats, smells or colors.

While some rubber spatulas may run the risk of melting, our silicone spatula won’t. Thanks to their thin, flexible edges, Pujols Kitchen spatulas are ideal for high-heat dishes, to melt chocolate, to stir a pan of roasting vegetables, and spreading or smoothing pastes and frostings. 

Silicone spatulas can be a bit uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time; and those with thin handles get hot easily. Pujols Kitchen spatulas have been ergonomically designed so they are comfortable to grip and use. 

Whether you’re creating an even layer of batter in a cake pan or frosting a cake, Pujols Kitchen spatulas are the go-to kitchen tool, allowing you to scrape the most miniscule remnants from the sides of your mixing bowl, stir roasted vegetables or decorate the perfect dessert.

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