I hope one day

to have the chance

to give back to

those who have helped me.

It's more than a mission, IT'S A WAY OF LIFE

In 2005, Deidre Pujols and her husband Albert, first baseman for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, started the Pujols Family Foundation (pujolsfamilyfoundation.org) to honor God and strengthen families through works, deeds, and examples.


Three years later, Deidre sought a way to combine her interest in cooking with her passion to help those in need, and Pujols Kitchen was born. For Deidre, cooking is an expression of love and serving others.

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I want to give back to the women who have given me so much affection and inspiration through our shared love of cooking. Their generosity, not only with me, but in giving what they can, in the way of meals or simply their time, to others who may be equally less fortunate, is an extraordinary example for all of us.

                                          – Deidre Pujols

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The friendships Deidre created in the tiny kitchens, understanding the needs she saw and her deep love for the culture and food of the Dominican, inspired her to create a line of premium cookware. Based on the traditional caldero, and taking ancient Dominican Taino tribal paintings as a key element of their design, all the pieces of the Pujols Kitchen cookware line reflect quality. They feature tri-ply stainless steel construction for durable lasting beauty that heats evenly and is oven and dishwasher safe. All the handles are made of cool-touch silicone for easy handling while cooking. The entire line, all pans and utensils, were ergonomically engineered to make them more comfortable than any cookware ever made before.


For Deidre the goal of Pujols Kitchen “has become not only just making really good cookware. Let’s share good food for people to cook in it and also, at the same time, why not change the world and make this a company that would be all about other people, and providing cookware and food to people who are in need all around the world. The time to help is now. The time to cook is now. And you know, I say let’s do it all, and the thing is you can through the Pujols Kitchen Project.”


Profits from cookware sales are donated to families in poverty around the globe, providing them with cookware and non-perishable food. When you use Pujols Kitchen Cookware, you help improve the lives of those less fortunate.


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