How do you prepare for A LIFE-CHANGING TRIP

It was my first mission trip, my first time out of the country and my only thought was to make sure I had a passport.” When Nicole Muse, Account Manager for Pujols Kitchen, prepared for her mission trip to the Dominican Republic, she had no idea what to expect. “How do you prepare for the unknown?” What she experienced was life changing.


Waiting to board her flight at Lambert International, Nicole’s stomach was tying itself in knots. “I was scared and excited. I wondered about going through customs, understanding the language, but at the same time, I was passionate to help make a difference.” Once the plane landed and she received a warm welcome, her worries diminished.


Nicole was amazed by the people of the Dominican who taught her love, appreciation, happiness and thankfulness. “In the Dominican, the simple things in life mean more, such as a smile, a warm hello.” She learned the Dominican people have a positive outlook on life. “I watched the Dominican people give thanks for every day, for the wonderful journey of life and I thought no wonder they say don’t sweat the small stuff. Like the Dominican people, we should enjoy the simple things in life.”


She also felt an immediate and natural bond with the women of the Dominican. “The bond is so strong.” What inspired her most was their happiness. “The women were so appreciative of our help! No matter their circumstances they continued to have a smile on their face, and a huge hug to give.”


While she knew the culture and way of life would be different in the Dominican than here in the United States, she came to appreciate its simplicity.  There are “no high tech gadgets, or unnecessary luxuries to worry about.” This is especially the case in a typical Dominican kitchen where “they have one or two cooking tools or one stove within the village to use. You will not find any high end appliances or marble countertops. They use what they have to prepare meals for everyone.”


How can those of us who haven’t been to the Dominican help those in need? “Share the word about Pujols Kitchen! Invest in the cookware to help one person at a time and be a part of our mission by supporting Pujols Kitchen.”


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