Sancocho is a rich and delicious dish I learned from the D.R.. It is one of those dishes that will make any company feel special...


It takes time but is completely worth it. I share a video recipe on this website that is slightly different than the version you see here, but there is no one right way to make Sancocho. I have had countless bowls of this stew, and it is different and delicious every time. With this stew you can add or take away whatever ingredients you prefer. Make it your Sancocho! Provecho.



Warm a Large Pujols Kitchen Caldero on medium heat and add the oil and sugar until the sugar turns dark brown.


Add the meats, sazon, and bouillon cubes, and stir until the meat has a nice brown color (about 10 minutes).


Add the water, oregano, cilantro, celery, and cubanelle peppers, coating the meat with the all the seasoning. Cover and cook for about 20-30 minutes (don’t allow all the juices to evaporate).


Add all of the roots and vegetables to the meat and top with water, covering all the ingredients. Continue to cook on low/medium heat for another 30 minutes with the lid on.


Remove a few pieces of the taro root, yam, and pumpkin with a little bit of liquid and puree it in a blender; then add back into the Sancocho.

This will thicken the stew and give it a beautiful golden color.


Add additional bouillon cubes for taste until you are happy.


Serve with white rice.




2 tablespoons of olive oil


1 tablespoon of sugar


1 package of whole chicken, cut up (bone in, skin removed)


2 pounds of beef stew meat


1 package of pork steaks (cut up)


½ cup fresh sazon (recipe on this website or store-bought Sofrito)


2 large chicken bouillon cubes, (I prefer Maggi or Knorr)


Water to cover meat


1 tablespoon of oregano


1 handful of cilantro


1 handful of celery, thinly sliced


1 handful of cubanelle peppers, thinly sliced


2 plantains, peeled and cut up


2 yuccas, peeled and cut up


3 or 4 yautia (taro root), peeled and cut up


1 large yame (yam), peeled and cut up


1 cup of calavaza (west Indian pumpkin), cut up


2 ears of corn, chopped into 2-inch pieces



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